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Cricket has been an established team sport for hundreds of years. It originated in its modern form in England and is popular mainly in the present and former members of the Commonwealth. With the West Indies being chosen as the host for the 2007 ICC World Cup, millions of dollars have been pumped into the host countries to improve facilities and travel infrastructure to support the expected influx of visitors to the region. From a brand new all purpose stadium in Trelawny, Jamaica to upgrades to the World Famous Kensington Oval in Barbados; the benefits were not only limited to the Caribbean countries, but other neighboring communities have prospered as a result of these measure, with Florida in particular seeing itís growth in Cricket specific facilities nearly tripled.

The game has been transplanted in the Florida landscape, largely due to the huge immigrant population which resides in the state. With former test crickets great as West Indies Lance Gibbs having graced the South Florida scene, leagues and team numbers have bulged to record numbers and the level and intensity with which they participate is unrivaled anywhere else in the States. Facilities now allow league games to be played at night with teams representing countries from as far as India and Pakistan.

Recognizing the potential of South Florida and the Caribbean as prime locations for cricket, 4 Tors has
aligned itself with top cricket professional both past and present to offer unique packages which can include intense training clinics with former West Indies captain Jimmy Adams ( http://content-usa.cricinfo.com/ci/content/player/51100.html ) , competitive games for different levels of play and ages or simply for social sides looking for a good mix competition and sightseeing while on an extended break.

Our experienced staff are dedicated to providing professionally organized, hassle free tours tailored to your club's specific requirements. Clients range from professional senior sides to social teams, universities and schools. We can tailor make your cricket tour to meet your specific requirements, and can also arrange various sight-seeing excursions to further enhance the enjoyment of your trip. Our destinations include tours to Florida and Jamaica